We are young, light, cheeky, unique, protective, striking, zappy, creative, crazy, lively, handy, glaring, luminouse, practical, new, gaudy, comfortable, easy, responsible to our mother nature
Visibility dress and vest for the smallest of us






`GENTLEMEN´ is one of the print designs of NEONONs collection 2013. Perfect for you if you like it elegant without taking yourself too serious.

`KOSMO´ is made or those, who like it just decent.

`NEONON UNSTOPPABLE´ is our super reflective design 2014. As its name says, NEONON is unstoppable and gives you the power to go where ever you want whith all eyes on you day and night.



NEW NEW NEW The first dress to throw over your outfit. Simpel and fast to be seen whenever you need . DREVIS is stylish visibility with its reflective and florescence neon material. Most adorable: DREVIS for little girls.



NEONON invented an easy fitting high visibility cover for all trailer, luggage and rucksacks. Its super light weight, flexibility, reflective and neon material makes COVERVIS perfect for all long journeys.



The world invention WIMVIS is the first 3D high visibility bike flag. With its all over reflective material and the high visibility neon material WIMVIS offers 360° visibility and is most interesting for low rider like kids and recumbent bicycles.



NEONON vests are no standardized high visibility vests and intentionally deviate from the properties and limits which the EN-standards dictate.Diese NEONONWESTEN sind keine standardisierten Warnwesten and weichen bewusst von den Eigenschaften und Grenzwerten ab, die En-Normen vorgeben.






die neue GOVIS Signalweste und DREVIS Signalkleid von NEONON
GOVIS 'Gentleman' und DREVIS 'Kosmo'
die neue GOVIS Signalweste mit noch mehr Reflektoren, ideal zum Fahrradfahren
GOVIS 'Neonon unstoppable'
die neue GOVIS Signalweste mit dezentem Design
GOVIS 'Kosmo'
Der COVERVIS Signalüberzug für jeden Anhänger und WIMVIS der Signalwimpel mit Rundumreflektoren
COVERVIS Signal Überzug und WIMVIS Signal Wimpel
SIGNVIS reflektierende Blumen als Fahrradaccessoieres oder Körperschmuck
SIGNVIS reflektierende Blumen als Fahrradaccessoieres